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5 Easy Ways To Lose That Stubborn Fat You've Been Carrying For Good

Imagine yourself slipping on that favorite pair of jeans you saved for years “just in case” you reached your goal weight … or feeling so energetic you decide to train for a 5K … and wake up each day fully rested and refreshed. Did you know only 46% of people reach their New Year’s weight loss and fitness goals? And even fewer keep it off? If you’ve always struggled with your weight, we’ll fill you in on a little secret. The secret to losing 10, 50, 100 pounds or more? One word. Consistency. I know. I know. You probably feel like Ralphie in the movie, The Christmas Story discovering the secret decoder ring message was just a cheesy advertisement for Ovaltine. I assure you - this is no ad. I’ve worked as a medical care provider in the health and wellness industry for more than 30 years so I’ve pretty much seen it all. False hope. Crash diets. Restrictive, soul crushing deprivation. Stop torturing yourself! Yes, weight gain can be caused by health problems, hormones, medications and other conditions beyond your control but your future health depends on you taking action on the behaviors and habits you can control. It doesn’t require extreme dieting or excessive exercise. Starting right now, you can make 5 small, simple swaps each day that can yield BIG results! These 5 food swaps reduce your calorie intake and help you feel more satisfied throughout the day, so you eat less without hunger or cravings. Plus, your body will thank you for the extra nutrition!

1. For the same calories, swap your morning bagel for 3 whole eggs. The eggs’ nutrient dense protein will keep you feeling fuller longer and prevents the inevitable, carb loaded blood sugar crash from all that bread. 2. Ditch your full fat salad dressing and sprinkle your salads with apple cider vinegar and a little cold-pressed olive oil. Apple cider vinegarhas been shown to reduce blood sugar spikes and bloating during the day and your heart will benefit from the Omega-3 in the olive oil. Don’t like vinegar? Substitute a fruit or citrus juice and fresh herbs. 3. To keep yourself from overeating higher calorie foods, trade potatoes or rice for an extra side of broccoli, mashed cauliflower or another non-starchy vegetable you enjoy. For extra delicious flavor, toss veggies in a little olive oil, sprinkle with salt or lemon pepper and roast for 30 mins. 4. Salmon is one of the best sources of protein and a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. High protein, cold water, fatty fish like salmon keeps you full, increases your metabolism and reduces inflammation. Reduced inflammation has been shown to help prevent a long list of chronic illnesses and diseases. Replace beef, pork or pasta with salmon or other seafood 2 to 3 times a week to reduce calories and support your cardiovascular health. 5. Reduce your appetite before a meal by trading an appetizer or dinner roll with a cup of low calorie vegetable soup. You’ll enjoy the extra vegetables, the extra hydration and the soothing taste of homemade hot soup. Take charge of your health by starting with these 5, simple swaps and you’ll see the extra pounds drop, look slimmer but most important - feel amazing! You deserve it. Learn more about how to look and feel your best:

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