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We celebrate our clients who are living healthier, happier lives with renewed energy, confidence and spirit!
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I'm going to start off by saying that you ruined my life! Or should I say my old life! I used to sit in my chair watching TV for hours on end. The "Honey-do-List" got longer and longer.

Now, I don't sit in my chair past 7 in the morning. Just can't! I feel like I have to get moving and get things done. I've lost 34 lbs, I completed the "Honey-do-List" entirely, and most importantly, my wife is happy!

I just can't thank you all enough for all you've done in less than 90 days. Thank You!


The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They are accommodating with appointments, even on a Saturday. And I love that they didn't try and "upsell" me during the consultation or during any of my treatments.


Everyone at [Healthy Beginnings Wellness & Esthetics] was fantastic, very friendly and professional. I had great care and service. I definitely recommend them for whatever service that they administer.


Can’t say enough good things. Tried for years to get my regular doctor to treat my low t and other issues with no result. Few months to figure out exactly what worked best for me at Renew and I’m finally feeling better at 34 than I’ve ever felt. Gained muscle and strength, while losing body fat. Gained stamina, and I mean STAMINA. I was skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves. Staff is great, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They monitor bloodwork and levels and adjust accordingly, answer every question, keep in contact more than treat you like a dollar sign. If you think anything they offer might be something for you, go talk to them. Simple as that.


[Healthy Beginnings Wellness & Esthetics] helped me with all menopause symptoms and I feel like I have my life back. Julie and her staff are very professional and answer any questions in a very professional manner. I have the hormone replacements and I feel so much better. I love Renew Health and very pleased with the results that have experienced thus far.


I love [Healthy Beginnings Wellness & Esthetics] for many reasons mainly, BHRT ( bio-identical hormone replacement therapy )! Alternative to synthetic drugs when the time comes. The staff is outstanding- Like Cheers, when they’re always glad you came & always know your name! Check them out for yourself- they don’t disappoint 😊💜⭐️


The staff at [Healthy Beginnings Wellness & Esthetics] are absolutely wonderful. My sincere thanks to all of you! You’ve changed my way of life. I am truly grateful I came in for a consult 8 months ago.


I highly recommend [Healthy Beginnings Wellness & Esthetics]! All of the women that work here are so sweet and down to earth. They are very professional and answered all of my questions. I’ll definitely be returning for additional services!


The staff at [Healthy Beginnings Wellness & Esthetics] is beyond AMAZING they are very good with answering questions I had and addressing my concerns. I lost 50 lbs and had the best energy ever. They made turning 50 easy breezy and finally my hormones stopped with the bi polar ups and downs that come with menopause. Julie and her staff are wonderful. (HCG plan)


I love [Healthy Beginnings Wellness & Esthetics]. Becoming a patient and receiving their restorative therapy is the best decision I ever made. Everything they do is customized to your particular needs and your body's requirements. The staff is cheerful, gentle and well informed. They are always on time and efficient.


Very pleasant staff who care about your well being.They are great about keeping you informed & explaining anything you have questions about. Highly recommend [Healthy Beginnings Wellness & Esthetics] for hormone & weight loss issues.


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