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We help you feel fit & fabulous FAST!

weight loss • nutrition supplements • anti-aging treatments 
acoustic erectile dysfunction therapy • BHRT Treatments

Healthy Beginnings Wellness & Esthetics is a physician directed, comprehensive health & wellness center. We provide personalized one on one care to educate our clients to achieve and maintain optimal weight management, personal improvement and healthy lifestyles. Healthy Beginnings Wellness & Esthetics has a variety of services including hCG and phentermine weight loss programs, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), acoustic erectile dysfunction therapyBotox (c) and fillers,  B12/B Complex vitamin and amino acid injections, IV therapyskin enhancement therapies, nutritional counseling and more! 

Healthy Beginnings' staff are all medically licensed personnel including physician, physician assistants and nurses.  We are here to ensure safe, effective weight management & wellness and esthetic treatments to boost your self confidence, healthy and vitality to help you feel and look your best!


Ready to Feel Your Best? Let's Get Started!

Is your Hormone Deficiency aging you?

Need professional help losing weight?

Our Programs & Services 

Personalized & Medically Supervised for Your Health Needs & Goals!

Healthy Beginnings Wellness Fredericksburg VA weight loss center fredericksburg virginia
Healthy Beginnings Wellness Fredericksburg VA hormone therapy fredericksburg virginia
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Healthy Beginnings Wellness Fredericksburg VA vaginal rejuvenation fredericksburg virginia

• Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

• Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide Therapy (GHRP)

• hCG Weight Loss

• Phentermine Weight Loss

• Lipo Plus Skinny Shots & B-Complex 

• Vitamin & Amino Acid Injections

• Intimate Wellness Treatments for ED-SUI

• Acoustic Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

• Basic Hydration

• Mega Boost Hydration

• Athletic Performance & Recovery

• Super Immunity

• Youth & Vitality

• Beauty Glow/Anti-Agin

• Refresh & Rehydrate

• Hangover

• Detox (ALA)

• Weight Loss

• Cold & Flu

• Migraine

• And More!

• PRP Hair Restoration

• IPL Acne Clearance

• IPL Hair Removal

• IPL Vascular Lesion Removal

• VIORA Skin Tightening

• VIORA Body Contouring

• VIORA Cellulite Reduction

• Micro-needling Skin Rejuvenation

• Botox (c) and Fillers

• Custom Facials

• And More!

Programs & Services

Look Your Best • Feel Your Best!


healthy beginnings wellness fredericksburg virginia
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